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Lauren Brangman

We help people in solving legal issues

We are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to our clients, every step of the way. We are not only legal representatives but also advocates, fighting for our clients needs and wants inside the courtroom but also outside of it. Every family is unique, so they are handled in that manner. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution to all matters, and carefully tailor our strategies to each client based on their needs/wants. We are passionate about our job, willing to listen, familiar with the law, and most importantly are here for you.

Family Law Attorney

Family Law matters cover a wide variety of cases including child custody and visitation, paternity, child abuse and neglect, guardianship, termination of parental rights, domestic violence, and more.


Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution process where a neutral third party helps the parties work through differences in order to reach an agreement. The mediator’s role is to guide the parties toward their resolution. The mediator is impartial and does not act as a representative for neither party.


Services include witnessing the signing of important documents and certifying the authenticity of it.